Dr. Sergio Burciaga Soto

Plastic surgeon certified by the Mexican Council of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.

Surgical Procedures

Know the different types of surgery, areas in which they are applied,

And how they will help you to show off that figure that you have always dreamed of.


Due to the rhythm of life that we currently carry, it is common for us to suffer from sunburn, pollution, acne breakouts, among many other causes. Fortunately there are treatments that will allow you to correct such damages, as well as delay the natural aging of your skin.

What we can do for you

Thanks to the advance in medical science in recent years, it’s been possible to refined many of the procedures that allow us to modify the contour of our figure, increase or decrease the volume of certain parts of our body, as well as the perfection of surgeries that allow correcting damages that are Believed to be permanent due to congenital causes or by the product of an accident. Find the right procedure to change your life Here.

Botox, facial fillers, among other procedures like hyaluronic acid, are used to give a younger look to our skin, delay the aging process, reduce wrinkles, or give a precise volume to our face extracting fat from other Parts of our body. Find out if one of these procedures is right for you by clicking Here.
Nowadays it is very important to maintain a clean and uniform appearance of our image, but due to contamination, acne, sunburn or other types of skin burn, and excessive body hair growth in different areas of our body make it more difficult to get. That is why there have been created exclusive treatments for the removal of imperfections that have been produced by the factors mentioned above. If you want to eliminate those imperfections, give a more aesthetic appearance to your skin then find all the details on which treatment is best for you clicking Here.

Ways we Work


We manage a specialized service for each of our patients procedures, always updating our methods and handling a state-of-the-art equipment, appropriate for the strictest needs of each patient.



Due to the nature of our work, we pay full attention to each procedure and treatment applied even to the most difficult areas to treat, providing the desired results for the patient.

Specialized Care

Lastly and more importantly, the care of our patient is our main goal, providing safety throughout the treatments or surgeries that we perform in order to guarantee the patient that his health and results are in the best hands.

Dare to Change

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